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MADO Conference Agenda

Friday, April 5th

  • Welcome Reception: Maritime & Seafood Museum

Saturday, April 6th

  • REGISTRATION and Continental Breakfast
    2nd Floor Ballroom Foyer
  • ABO Review: Exam Prep - Barry Ousley
    Jackie O'Keefe Lincoln and Kevin Harrison
    ABO/NCLE Ophthalmic Level II
    There are days when we as eyecare professionals wish we had a room full of experts to help us during our day. Whether the assistance you desire is help with patient objections, time management, optical concepts and a plethora of other topics, we are here to help you. The goal of this interactive course is to allow the attendees to direct the discussion and present what is most challenging in their own practices and to share their success stories. Attendees can text their questions, write them on paper provided or simply raise their hands. This interactive course has been well received. The panel will be available to answer any questions that arise.
  • Light Management, The Need for Ocular Solutions
    Jackie O'Keefe Lincoln
    ABO Ophthalmic Level II
    Compensated powers are possibly the most misunderstood feature of modern progressive designs. This course describes why compensation exists and why it does not change the actual ordered power of the lens. Additionally, this course describes the exact optical effect and impact of chromatic aberration, explains how a no-glare surface can actually increase UV exposure, and takes a quick look at the nature of ANSI tolerances.
  • Contact Lens Care Mastery: Addressing Contact Lens Challenges Effectively
    Dr. Roya Attar
    NCLE Ophthalmic Level II
    This lecture will cover the potential challenges and complications associated with contact lens wear, such as lens discomfort, corneal infections, dry eye, and contact lens-related allergies. Attendees will learn about the warning signs and symptoms of these complications and how to assist patients in managing them effectively. Understanding contact lens challenges will help promote safe and comfortable contact lens wear, and guide patients in proper lens care and hygiene practices to reduce the risk of complications and ensure optimal vision and eye health.
  • The Second Pair Is The New Primary Pair
    Allan Rouse
    ABO Ophthalmic Level II
    This course will help you develop talking points to increase your multiple pair sales. We will follow the patient's journey through your practice and highlight key moments to educate patients on the benefits of a second pair. This course will also discuss the revenue potential of increasing second pairs and its effect on the patient and your practice.
  • Optimizing Your Practice Through Managed Vision Care
    Allan Rouse
    ABO Ophthalmic Level II
    This course provides opticians with a comprehensive understanding of managed vision care. It reviews premium lens technologies, emphasizing the benefits of offering premium lens options to patients and how it can optimize their practice.
  • MADO Business Meeting (Members Only)

Sunday, April 7th

  • Breakfast Buffet (registered participants only)
  • Clear Vision at Every Age: Understanding and Managing Presbyopia
    Dr. Roya Attar
    ABO/NCLE Ophthalmic Level II
    Presbyopia is a near-vision impairment caused by aging that usually manifests around or after the age of 40. This course will provide a comprehensive overview of existing and emerging treatments for presbyopia. Limitations of each treatment strategy will also be discussed, as well as safety and efficacy of each treatment approach. Appropriate patient selection for certain types of presbyopia correction will also be discussed.
  • Common Visual Disorders Every Optician and Technician Should Know
    Dr. Roya Attar
    ABO/NCLE Ophthalmic Level II
    This course covers a broad spectrum of common eye disorders, ensuring that opticians gain a comprehensive understanding of conditions they may encounter in their practice. Participants will learn insights into the diagnosis, treatment, and optical considerations for various common ocular disorders, equipping them with the knowledge to enhance patient care. Additionally, the course emphasizes optical considerations for various conditions, empowering opticians to provide tailored solutions and contribute to effective patient optical correction.