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MADO Conference Agenda

Friday, April 24th

  • Welcome Reception: Maritime & Seafood Museum

Saturday, April 25th

  • REGISTRATION and Continental Breakfast
    2nd Floor Ballroom Foyer
  • ABO Review: Exam Prep - Robbie Hall
  • Creating an Experience
    Alessandro Baronti
    With the evolving expectation of the modern consumer, discover how to create a compelling destination for your practice by delivering a memorable in-store experience. Join us as we explore a step by step guide on how-to capture and maintain your patient’s attention beyond the medical experience through unique storytelling, curated assortment planning, powerful visual merchandising and more.
  • Specialty and Not-So-Specialty Contact Lenses
    Diane Drake
    NCLE Technical
    This course will include information on various types of contact lenses including soft, gas permeable, scleral, toric, multifocal, lenses for keratoconus and other ectasias, as well as other specialty contact lenses. This will be good for the fairly new contact lens fitter as well as information that will be useful for the more advanced fitter.
  • The DNA of Product Assortment
    Alessandro Baronti
    Obtain access to exclusive business solution tools as well as important insight on how to better regulate frame assortment in your practice. Learn on how to improve the overall retail experience, enrich product positioning and elevate business potential to increase your overall revenue.
  • Communicate - Connect
    Alessandro Baronti
    Communication is one of the most important and essential skills in business. During this interactive discussion, we will explore four different personality types to better understand who you are, who your audience is and how to adapt during the communication process to build a successful and meaningful connection with your customer.
  • Slit Lamp Evaluation
    Diane Drake
    NCLE Technical
    This course will include history, types of slit lamps, illuminations, and how to use the illuminations conducted as a lecture and hands on workshop demonstrating the various illuminations, and when and how to use them. Parts of the instrument including the different filters will be discussed. Steps of an evaluation will be reviewed as well. This will be good for the fairly new contact lens fitter as well as information that will be useful for the more advanced fitter.
  • Tracking Your Capture Rate to Grow
    Gara Brown
    This course will provide optical staff with:
    • Sample tracking forms to track current capture rate
    • Recommendations on how to look for opportunities based on tracking results
    • Ways to increase patient satisfaction for higher average ticket price per patient
    After this course, staff will track capture on an ongoing basis so that management and owners can better understand the state of the business and implement strategies to increase traffic, correct problems, and acknoowledge successful practices.
  • Fitting Guide
    Shannon Toler
    ABO Technical
    This one-hour presentation will give a guide on how to select and dispense a pair of glasses. The most technical section of the course will be explaining how to properly inspect the lenses before dispensing them to the patient, and how to take the POW measurements and understanding the importance of them.
  • The Basics of Soft Toric Lens Fitting
    Diane Drake
    NCLE Technical
    Today, having astigmatism will not prevent patients from being fit with soft contact lenses. This course will discuss not only what astigmatism is and the incidence of astigmatism, but will present ways to satisfactorily fit your patient with lenses. Designs, fitting basics, diagnostics, and problem solving will be covered.

Sunday, April 26th

  • Breakfast Buffet (registered participants only)
  • MADO Business Meeting (members only)
  • Advanced Anatomy & Physiology of the Eye
    Diane Drake
    ABO / NCLE Technical
    This course will list and identify the structures of the eye, explaining the visual functions. It will also discuss the refractive status and process of the eye, identifying various conditions of the eye and possible corrections. Included will be muscles of the eye and how they work, and how to identify and manage unequal refractive errors and complications of the eye.
  • Unequal Refractive Errors and the Effects on Vision
    Diane Drake
    ABO / NCLE Technical
    Patients want to know what their glasses will look like and we spend time discussing that with them. But…how will they see with their glasses? That’s an even more important question. Unequal refractive errors not only have an effect on how glasses will look, but how a person sees or even “IF” they see WELL. This course will present answers to these questions presenting both spectacle and contact lens options in the discussion.
  • Age Related Changes and the Eye
    Diane Drake
    ABO / NCLE Technical
    This course will present information regarding changes in the eye as a result of aging. As a person ages there are changes in the eye. Some of these changes would be considered normal and some may be of concern. Information on these normal changes will be discussed as well as those that may of be of concern. Information will include changes that will affect vision as well as contact lens wear.